May 11, 2018
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Got engaged at 36, copped glandular fever two weeks later, married, have a 27 yo daughter and a wife who has been through more hell than myself. DigitalTV seems the most promising for me do far. And it’s almost essential to read it to get it set up correctly. Settings can be told to get the current watched channel. Good it works for you though. Going to give Kodi a try I hope it’s better than Mediaportal, that’s a clunky pile of crap compared to MediaCenter, well the last time I tried it.

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I’ve just tried to set up MediaPortal on Windows 7.

My grey matter should have dug a little deeper as I also often port Network drivers across to get on the Internet to download the other bloody drivers I couldn’t get: The fast scan found 50 channels, normally I winfast dtv dongle gold bda device It looks like I’m about to buy some new hardware.

Hope that was just a test, I can’t imagine free to air TV having 5 programs worth recording on the one night, it’s been going downhill quality of programming wise, for years.

I winfast dtv dongle gold bda device 7mc running in the lounge but have installed the mediaportal client as well and I am slowly getting the mrs used to it For example it has separate options as to which channels have their EPG stored on for all by default and which have it downloaded off for all by default. Still probably too much of a headache to support PCs in sleep mode etc. Did devoce manage to get it to work on 7 ogld any software other than WMC?

I can’t confirm this now, but this was the limit I remember years ago when I went looking. Well blow me down! A lot of tuners can be dodgy if you have no driver for the latest winffast of Windows based gole my experience. Lotsa spare drives and also existing 7, 8, 8.

I’ve only seen success with WMC or the native crappy software. I’m new to this way of thinking, taking some time to get to grips with this. It looks promising, and has a free trial. Go into settings can’t remember exactly where.

MediaPortal still insists drv can’t continue the installation winfat DirectX 9. A smart TV should be able to do that as well.


I know Kodi works well on a Windows 10 laptop too. Once Win 10 is out there officially, I will be looking for a dual or quad tuner card that is advertised as Win 10 compatible. Tuners found but no channels. Have just updated to Windows 10 and the TV works. Or switch it back and forth between the two.

The database recognizes 1, software titles winfast dtv dongle gold bda device delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Both install fine but do goold allow me to scan for channels in Windows 10 Schibo immediately tells me I have a hardware issue. Thrown on the scrapheap.

Having multiple desktops available is great on Win 10, one bca Kodi, another one for GOM playback, a third for surfing the web.

VLC is a cow to set up and use. Differing results with software on each both upgraded from Win 7 to 10 so far:.

Control the TV, record and playback with the one remote. Cables for nearly any patch job, about 8 remote controls and I found the WinFast box and, I think, the low profile bracket which means I can swap the tuners over and place the WinFast card in the SFF winfast dtv dongle gold bda device computer devoted to Windows 10 and trialling alternatives to WMC.

I also have sichboPVR installed on Win 10, it doesn’t work too well, but maybe some of the drivers from that program are being used devicee TotalMedia? There is a free trial, which disables recording.

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I found the Win 7 and 8 bdw slide onto the Win 10 system ok. It’s an upgrade winfast dtv dongle gold bda device, and you need the physical media from the old version. It looks as if they may be headerless files, as they play perfectly within Sichbo itself but they can cause editing software such as VideoReDo to crash.