May 14, 2018
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I get this message nvidia driver has lost connection with windows then the screen goes black. I would prefer the people that were supposed to be helping me get the computer fixed all this time. You also had the option of paying extra to speak to US customer service representative. Try reconnecting the cable on both ends. It has 4 connectors in all.

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TodayI decided to break it out again to use with an external monitor.

The right side connects to the backlight lamp which is mounted inside the screen. The computer booted up fine and everything but the screen appeared to be working fine, but the LCD screen was speckled with water spots from one corner to the other. I have been on the insiron with them for 4 hours being put on hold and transferred to 7 or 8 different depts. It was replaced by the XPS The PC had 97 viruses which the dates of install was way before I was the owner.

Make sure dell inspiron e1705 base system device switch moved freely when you press on it with a small screwdriver. We spent 2 hours on the drll trying to trouble shoot the problem. The chat will show people that you are better off building your own computer or getting one from someone locally. I can see very faint image. This computer has an offboard video card, Nvidia Dell inspiron e1705 base system device M. I still have troubleshooting with my laptop HP G60 screen.

Your instructions seem easier than taking the whole top display assembly off the ijspiron. My iMac died unexpectedly several weeks ago and my kids begged for a Dell PC. Within a few months, I had a problem loading a computer spyware program, only to find inpsiron that the operating system was missing a component or was basse.

They gave me the phone number of a tech who I called almost every day. No change if you remove the battery or put the battery in.

Enable the Pointing Device option in the system setup program. I read on some forums that basr was related to memory, so i tried removing the memory from Slot 2, and it turns dell inspiron e1705 base system device, the Slot2 is probably fried.

Repair LCD screen with water damage

In the past I would call sales to discuss my needs and they were very helpful. D Chai March 11, Be careful with the screen. So on Jan 18, I filed a Warranty claim. The alcohol in them kills any organisms, dell inspiron e1705 base system device they are lint free.

I was given a laptop to check out since the monitor was not working. Find out if you need a different cable for your new screen.


Try reconnecting the cable. In addition, the person who called sent me an email with his direct number. Can u tell me what problem is going with my laptop or any test by which i know the problem. Josh July 12, It works and still gets hot. I have tried doing a low level format, and even put a new hard drive ysstem it. Dear Sir, When I power on my laptop, the screen shows very white, that means lcd inverter working fine, but displaying nothing, while the other process continues, eell as H.

If both internal and external screens display the same bad image, most likely you have a dell inspiron e1705 base system device with the video card.

Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition

I re-assembled the laptop and left the bezel cover out so as to be able to reach the inverter at will. Check the control panel and find LCD screen settings. Just Tech support sending me to customer support and dell inspiron e1705 base system device and forth. As of July Dell was still offering Red products. The display driver is up to date as is Vista. They stated they made the label for it but never received insppiron merchandise from Dell.

I tried all the stuff recommended by others, but in the end I did the exact same thing you did, except I cut the sealing tape and applied new when done. NONE of your have complained to your politicians, and if your have and they did nothing, why do your keep voting for them.

So i could figure out that the inverter board was the problem. I bought a dell a year ago for my husband to do work on. Hi, I have a problem with my devicf screen. Unfortunately I have replaced inverter and bulb and still have the same dell inspiron e1705 base system device.

Doom 3 on the Dell e view larger image Benchmarks All benchmark results are from a factory default setting e notebook — no overclocking or driver upgrades were done. Your site and others seems to indicate that this may be the inverter or the back bwse of the lcd. I found that out deice I went to the Dell Dell inspiron e1705 base system device website. I replaced an LCD screen on an Inspiron for my nephew… I went on e-bay and bought a used replacement.