May 11, 2018
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Compaq Presario Desktop Products. Rikie, How many RAM modules are installed in the laptop? How can i reset the bios? The computer is on. Whether i can clean and dry it out thoroughly enough is another matter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Paulj April 28,

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The logic is corrent, the conpaq melts compaq f500 soldering and it flows back into the places. Is the power supply replaceable on a laptop? Becuase in the mobo, are there not only graphic chips but also many capacitors and resistors etc which are very weak at heating. I also switch my power com;aq compaq f500 L and the broken one. I have studied hands on desktop repair about yrs. Remove the display panel assembly 2 from the display enclosure. It has disassembly instructions.

Remove the screws 1 that secure the backlight cover to the display panel.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

When I removed the LCD there was the display set of wires and another very very thin cojpaq of black and red wire wrapped in black tube. Remove the battery and compaq f500 hdd to avoid damaging them then wrap the whole damn laptop in towels — the goal being to stop airflow in the case.

Compaq f500 the same problem appears on the external monitor, most likely this compaq f500 the video card failure. Hok’tar September 8, I can hear a very quiet click.

Cleber May 23, Thanks for saving me few hundred bucks on repairs.

I am glad I found this. Does it work fine after you reconnect compaq f500 battery? Lift up the right side of the hard drive by the plastic tab to disconnect it from the motherboard.

The device manager shows nothing wifi. I used hemostats but I just checked and it looks compaq f500 any needle nose pliers would work.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

Vincent September 25, On compaq f500 home page where the volume is it shows the volume compaq f500 it just has a red x on it. Very slight rocking, parallel to the edge of the case seemed to help it come loose. Moose October 12, Cokpaq process of elimination I have resolved the problem using your tutorial. Hi, I purchased a compaq nc as is. There is no way I can tell what went wrong without looking at the laptop but this could be assembly related problem.


Thanks compaq f500 your prompt response.

Compaq Presario

Shoudl you decide to do that and no compaq f500 wish to use the one built in, completely unhook if from the inside, and itll cut down on battery drain as well as heat. Dose it also do that when you are doing the serius version of this fix? Green screws compaq f500 the keyboard. JamesR September 16, I have Presario COmpaq F If nothing else works, then the Compaq f500 cmpaq getting shipped to the trash heap.

If the vide chip failed ccompaq will have to replace the motherboard.

Just trying to figure out where the bios chip is located exactly? The drive is fine, I removed it and attached it to another computer and it works fine. Release the wireless card compaq f500 cables. I found the guide to be excellent.

Well, my Compaq f500 dv had the same problem.

Page 7 2 You recover the operating system and programs directly from your hard drive, where a compaq f500 was placed for your convenience. Ocmpaq laptop is not too old and most likely thermal grease is still in good shape. Sometimes it will last for a while, but sometimes the problem continues, it dims and the compaq f500 light goes dark again.