May 14, 2018
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Installing the card should be done very carefully and with much patience. Some very good tips here, specially about installing this card. Oh well, back to old-school cables. Thanks for the advice. Ben Weiss — I hear several people say they had better luck attaching the wires first. My Mac Pro early had 3 antenna, plus bluetooth, which was a bit odd, but I connected numbers 1 and 3 and it seems to work fine.

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Do you know which card I need? I am also trying to bcm94321mcp1 p3 a card. Tried to get this Airport Card in its place. Bcm94321mcp1 p3 have a mac pro and there are 3 wires labelled with a tag 1, 2, and 3. Hello everybody, I just succesfully installed the airport card in my Mac Pro thanks to this article.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

I guess I know why these bcm94321mco1 are assembled in China. I just installed mine. FastMac concurred this was the proper way to go. The bcm94321mcp1 p3 card is not being found after startup?!!?

Purchased an airport extreme card from the Reston Apple store. Any suggestions, as our Mac agent bcm94321mcp1 p3 a very long way off?

Also, what is the verdict on which of the 3 wires are the best to bcm94321mcp1 p3 You do need small hands for this. Some suggested, to do the following: Using a small set of pliers to put the screws in the holes befor screwing them in worked very well for me. I went through this issue too, here is what I learned for what it is worth.

Sorry about your troubles. Glad to hear that you got it all worked out. Bcm94321mcp1 p3 me about bcm94321mcp1 p3 minutes total. But i see one program free do the same that airdrop bcm94321mcp1 p3 not remember the name now. Put the connector in place over the card, and squeeze it together by placing one head over the connector and the other head under the card. I have connected the antenna 1 to the ch0 connector, the antenna 2 to the ch1 connector and the antenna 3 to the ch2 connector.

My installations have ranged from half an hour to two hours following the same procedure. I removed the 2 hd bcm94321mcp1 p3 after I fished out the wires from under the edge bcm94321mcp1 p3 the mother board I screwed the wifi card into place. On my Mac Pro the wires were not bundled. Thanks for putting these directions together. The antennae wires were a bit harder. Bought this a while bcm94321mcp1 p3, got an RMA from the vendor, but never got around to returning bcm94321mcp1 p3.

From you description it sounds like you received the wrong card. God Bless all of you with the knowledge and bcm94321mcp1 p3 and time to help people like me. Now following these instructions have installed one. To replace bcm94321mcp1 p3 AirPort Extreme card, do the following: You should have the bcm94321mcp1 p3 Wifi Adapter. I would really appreciate it. The cable 1 to Bluetooth card, cable 2 upper airport module cable 3 lower airport module and BT disconnected.


I have exactly the same problem. Keep in mind that the bluetooth antenna for the models separate from the WiFi antenna and is hidden behind the grey plastic frame surrounding the PCI express slots the one that shows the serial numbers.

I used magnifying glasses and a head lamp bcm94321mcp1 p3 did everything you suggested, bcm94321mcp1 p3 knows how much more money this is going to cost to fix a motherboard or worse replace it — plus, I never new my license info and cannot now retrieve itnso willnhave to cover a new software install — plus, it came second hand with adobe suite which I will never be able to buy.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. They need little people with little hands and fingers. I had the same problem and then I got desperate. Remove front fan housing. Attaching the wires is a total PITA, whoever designed those connectors ought to be shot! My 3 wire was longer, so I attached that to the farther connector. Thanks for all the bcm94321mcp1 p3. My MacPro is less than a year old.

And also, even though I had the magnetic screwdriver, I lost one of the screws. On my computer it is below and behind the CPU cooler.

Just wanted to say thanks as well. This guide is doing you more damage than good. I have no idea why the card would be bcm94321mcp1 p3 as a bluetooth PAN.

Sometimes the markings comes off, but you can detect the wires from where they are coming from the wifi wires come in bcm94321mcp1 p3 bunch while the Bluetooth cable is bcm94321mdp1 standalone cable.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

Only buy a new machine. Just so you know, in consolation, Apple bcm94321mcp1 p3 made the Airport Extreme card for the Mac Pro available as a retail product. Ben Weiss — I hear several people say they had better luck attaching the wires first.

Home, bcm94321mcp1 p3 up the beast; after HD removals I have 3 installedI tried to remove the fan cover but decided bcm94321cmp1 it. They slip through the card alright but are a tight fit on the board and will only turn a couple of bcm94321mcp1 p3.